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tony colapietro
Feb 24, 2018



Board rules


Welcome to the DCTraders.net forum. Anyone can read and search the forums, but you must be a registered member to post. Beginning cryptocurrency traders and those at expert level are all welcome. This site is to share and help promote Bitcoin, Blockchain and everything crypto related to help grow the industry. Having been around during the beginning phases of what is now the internet, Crypto's are the next global boom that will most certainly be an incredible adventure with many anxious moments! It will be a fun journey and happy to have everyone be a part of it.


This is a moderated forum and becoming a member you agree to observe the following guidelines and follow just a few simple rules. We expect this forum to be a place where people can feel comfortable asking questions and have discussions about anything and everything related to cryptocurrency.


(Will actually add rules after I get some sleep!)



Please keep it civil at all times, no insults, name calling, trolling, or other attempts to harrass anyone. If you feel that someone has attacked you or otherwise violated the policies of this forum, please reach out to a moderator to address the situation.


I will most likely add to this section as the forum grows. I am open to any positive suggestions as well. Thank you and I look forward to sharing knowledge and learning from everyone!